Redcon1 Somal-1-1 DHEA Precursor
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SOMAL-1 -1 DHEA Precursor

Prepare yourself for the leanest, driest, and fastest gains available in supplement form. SOMAL-1 is an advanced 1-DHEA pro hormone chemically engineered using Liposomal technology infused in each capsule. SOMAL-1 undergoes a two-step process from Androstenediol to Androstenedione and finally to its finished state as 1-Testosterone. And because of the state of the art Liposomal delivery system, your stomach will not destroy SOMAL-1 in digestion making its absorption rate nearly 100%.


 Gains in Lean, Dry Muscle Fast strength gains
Not toxic to the organs Aids in recovery
Will not cause male breast enlargement Improves energy in and out of the gym