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When it comes to tipping the scales, there is one criminally underrated hormone: insulin. 
Insulin can be the crux to which 10 lbs of fat, or 10 lbs of solid muscle
on your body lie. Typically, those in the fitness mindset often regard
carbohydrates as a sort of dangerous, but necessary agent in their diets.
Low-carb, carb-loading, carb-cycling, etc. All sorts of approaches to the
intake of carbohydrates exists, but how often do we really take the time
to understand the exact impact it will have on the appearance and
performance of our bodies? When your body takes in carbs, beta cells
in the pancreas, which is often considered to be the least-understood
organ in the body, produce and secrete insulin, which is a storage
hormone. This is where the gain train either rockets out of the station,
or slams.